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Post Reply - 3.5 month old waking 4am

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Topic - 3.5 month old waking 4am
Posted: 12 Aug 2011 at 12:39pm By bubaluca

Hi Nicky

Thx for your reply. Since posting my issue, my son has changed his habits. I will explain below.

Can you answer the below question so we can get a better idea of what is happening.

Are you breast or formula feeding? both. I breast feed during the day and formula feed at the dream feed and sometimes 6.30pm feed.

Are you feeding your baby until they are full? So never putting a set amount in a bottle or feeding for a set amount of time or just one breast? yes, however I am finding that he is very distracted when feeding on the breast. Pulls on and off, looks around, hops back on. Very happy though. It is hard to know when he is full and really finished.

How long or how much is your baby drinking? 45 minute breast feed. Takes up to 210ml from bottle

Are you feeding your baby breastmilk from the breast or a bottle? 90% from breast. 10% bottle.

If  breastfeeding are you on any medication? Like the mini pill, an implant or antidepressants or could you be pregnant? no 

If breastfeeding could you tell me about your diet do you eat most foods and are you drinking plenty of full fat milk during the day? I eat all foods. I am not drinking plenty of full fat milk during the day. I only have skim milk in muesli and a cup of tea. I can't drink milk by itself, let alone full fat milk. It is too creamy and makes me feel sick. What does drinking lots of full fat milk do?

If a bottle what bottle if formula what formula and what teats are you using? Have you tried any others? s26 gold formula. Avent teat #2. Yes tried pigeon bottle and teat too. He is happy drinking from both these bottles and teats.

Is your baby on any medications?no

Where do you live? sydney, nsw

What do you have your baby dressed in day and night for sleeps? Day - short sleeve grow, long sleeve grow over and leggings with feet. Night time - short sleeve grow, long sleeve grow over with feet

What Wrap or Swaddle are you using? DW

What temperature is your baby's room? 20-22

What type of safe sleeping bag are you using and what tog is it? not using a sleeping bag, just a DW and blankets.

How many layers of sheets and blankets are you using and what are they made out of? 100% cotton cellular blankets - 2 x blankets folded over (making 8 layers).  2 x cotton blakets (making 2 layers)

Have you got a plastic, PVC or any mattress protector fitted on the cot or basinet? basinet - no, just a cotton towel underneath.

Has your baby got a dummy? no

Has your baby got a comforter and if so what type is it? no

Can you list your baby’s exact routine with as much detail as possible and how much he or she drinks. The routine will need to include sleep times, how long your baby takes to settle and how long your baby sleeps for.

Born on 17/4/11 at 4.6kgs

7am - wake + breastfeed for approx 45mins

9am - sleep in basinet - sleep til 11am (self settles)

11am - breasfeed for approx 45mins

1pm in basinet - sleep in basinet - sleep til 2.40 - 3pm (self settles)

3pm - breasfeed for approx 45mins

4.30pm - nap in hammock or in car til 5.15pm
5.30pm - bath some nights.
6.30pm -  breasfeed for approx 45mins. Sometimes top up with formula (drinks maybe 100ml). Sometimes offer just formula (drinks maybe 190ml)
7pm - sleep in basinet (self settles)
10.30pm - dream feed - formula bottle 240ml (he drinks 180-220ml)
Anytime between 3.30-4.30am I hear him stir, cry and sounds a bit unsettled. Leave him to self settle. Takes up to 15 mins and then he is back asleep.
5.30am I hear him stir, cry and sounds a bit unsettled. I try leave him for 15mins. When he gets really loud and sounds like he has woken himself up and wont re-settle, I have been going in (I am also really conscious of not waking my 5yr old son). I give him a boob, re-wrap him and put him down. This all takes 15mins and he has to be woken at 7am. 
I have always found it really difficult to settle him. As soon as he hears me or see's me, he screams even louder. If I pat his stomach or touch him. he gets really, really upset. I guess this helped me teach him to self settle early on, as it was much more difficult going in to his room... he got more upset.
So, not sure how to stop the early waking between 3.30-4.30am and then at 5.30am?
Any tips would be great.
Thx so much.

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