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Getting started on the Forums and Online Advice ar

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Topic: Getting started on the Forums and Online Advice ar
Posted By: ~Tizzie~
Subject: Getting started on the Forums and Online Advice ar
Date Posted: 01 Jul 2011 at 5:49pm

Getting started on the forums 

Welcome to all new Forum members.  

In this thread you will find some information to help you get started on the Forums and better navigate your way around.  

New Post Feature:

This first tip is probably the most useful one you will find. It is the New Post feature. This is located at the top of the page on the right under the online store click here Logo.

The easiest way to simplify your day to day use of the Forums is to use the new posts link that you can find at the top of each page. When you click on it, it will automatically bring up all the posts that have been made since you last logged into the Forum. If you wish to see more recent posts or maybe posts from before that time then you can use the drop down box to select when you view the posts from eg. The last 12 hrs. This is the best way to keep up to date with what has been happening on the Forums 

Navigating the Forums:

On the main page of the forums you will find many different forum areas most with their own sub forums. 

The first one you should check out is this one - FAQ. This has a collection of some of the most frequent problems and the most common causes so often you may solve a problem just by reading these. 

Once you start looking for more specific information for example information on Sleep you would go to the sleep forum and then look for your individual problem eg. Catnapping. In these sections you can often find previous posts from mums who have been in the same situation as you and you can pick up great advice that may help you with your problems. 

These Sub-Forums are also where you would go to post a question.  

Posts and Answers:

When you see a new post pop up it may be a simple question where you can just pop in with an answer or share your experiences. Please feel free to do this whenever you can. 

Other times mums will post up a more complex problem and they will either post their answers to a list of standard questions or another member might pop up these questions which the original poster (OP) will then answer (this list of questions can be found in the FAQ - How do I post a question). Don't be afraid to jump in and post any suggestions you have to help them from the information they have provided. Don't worry if you don't know the whole solution or can't provide help to all of their questions - any little bit of information is helpful. Also feel free to pop in with anything you might see even if someone else has already answered with other tips. Popping up a post and asking for the questions to be answered is always a great help. Any piece of advice you have is always helpful and so is just general support.  


  • If you have many problems it is better to ask for help with each problem or question separately. The reason for this is a mum might know the answer to one of your questions but not all of them so she might not answer or another mum might see you have had and answer and not respond to you but you have actually only had one question answered.
  • If you are writing a post please do so in word and copy and paste it in, often PC’s crash and you loose your post which is really frustrating.  
  • If you finish a post and realise you forgot something it is better to edit your post not put a new post up or it looks like you have had an answer to your question and your topic leaves unanswered topics.  

The most important thing of all on the Forums is don't be afraid to get involved and help each other out.  

Buddy Groups:

Members are encouraged to start and participate in 'Buddy Groups' where you can chat openly with like minded Forum and Online Advice Area members. If you wish to start a group just pop up a post in the Contact a Moderator section and request a new group be started. Feel free to join current Groups. Remember that any question regarding Sleep, Feeding etc should also be posted in a topic in the appropriate area of the Forums.  

Online Advice Area Members:

It is recommended that when starting a new thread about a problem you have that you start it in the appropriate area of the Online Advice Area. This allows your posts to be seen to faster by other Advice Area members and Moderators. You are also welcome to participate in the Forum area. 

Please help out where you can with other Online Advice Area members posts.  

Most of all please enjoy the forums and Online advice area!

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