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Bitting/hitting & shoving, PLEASE HELP

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Topic: Bitting/hitting & shoving, PLEASE HELP
Posted By: LucianaBaran
Subject: Bitting/hitting & shoving, PLEASE HELP
Date Posted: 20 Feb 2013 at 4:28pm

There’s a nearly 2.5yo in our mothers group who is a bully to put it nicely! It’s been happening for at least 6mo now. All his mum does is say sorry john (not his name) and then puts him in the corner. Today he was at his worst. It was their turn to host at their house and he bit 5 kids that I saw, shoved, kicked you name it he did it. It’s one thing to see (& intervene) when he does it to another child but when it happens to mine it another story! I had to do everything to hold back from wanting to throttle him (it sound awful I know) but this morning he shoved & sat my son because my son was playing with a toy that he wanted and he wouldn’t give it to him. Then they were all inside an my son was looking through a book and ‘john’ walked over & went to grab it off him and again wouldn’t let go so ‘john’ kicked my son twice in the head while he was sitting down & then thirdly because my son would give him a truck he was playing with he took a bite of him. The ‘attacking’ is always a result of another child having something that ‘john’ wants and is not given it. His mum tells him no ‘john’ don’t bite and if he wants something to say ta but this is not working as ‘john’ thinks when he says ta that he should be given what he wants that second. Whenever ‘john’ is somewhere we go (& this goes for A LOT of the other kids) I have to look over him like a hawk to make sure ‘john’ isn’t attacking him or other kids. I am soo upset by what happened to our son this morning CryCryCry


Posted By: Amy Taylor
Date Posted: 20 Feb 2013 at 5:45pm
Hi there,

Oh you poor thing! I can completely relate when you see another child hurting your child. It can be hard to get that image out of your head! It's a natural instinct to react the way you did so its completely fine.

I don't have any experience first hand with this, but I am just thinking what I would do in the circumstances, and as mean as it is and very high school, can you speak to the other mums to exclude mum and John? Or, I suppose, tell her its too upsetting seeing your child subjected to that and you won't be able to come anymore and then arrange things with some of the other mums away from the group.

The fact she does nothing would just mortify me as a parent. And it probably means she doesn't know how to fix it, doesn't care, or its not working. Either way its just wrong! And it's not fair for your little boy to suffer it. You don't want him to start copying! That will be very hard if he gets in trouble and John doesn't. So it's probably for the best to sever the ties....

I'm definitely not owning this post, so feel free anyone else to comment!



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